Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weekend Trip

This weekend we went to a reunion for my husband's father's side.  It was super fun, I'm so glad I married into such a great family, and that I'm friends with my in laws. Not only that, in the paraphrasing of my sister in law its great when people marry great people, so I'm related to even more awesome people. My husband and I spent a good chunk of time scanning old pictures, while other people watched our kids it was a good deal for all.  Here are some gems. My husband shooting a doll. I told my husband I was going to put this on his facebook profile.
My husband and his paternal grandma.  I never met his grandparents.  So it was fun to see pictures.
Brent and his paternal grandpa, I love that is grandpa is reading Where's Waldo.
And here he is with both of them.  I'm so glad for pictures like this, which is why I give my kids to their grandparents to take pictures.  If I want to know what my husband will look like as we age I just have to look at my father in law and pictures of his grandpa.  I also know what J will look like over the years.  Its nice to be apart of just a strong gene pool.  Leaves nothing up to chance.
One of the good other good deal about the weekend was I met two more of Brent's cousins.  Plus all of his aunts and uncles were there, so that was also good.  He has a fun family. But after so much fun we were all tired, so my baby slept from 11 am yesterday to 5 pm, my son took a nap, as did I.  It was a good day. Not only that, I had so much fun scanning pictures over the weekend, after 5 and half years of planning to scan pictures of my husband's childhood, I finally did it.  It didn't take more than an hour or two, its pathetic it took me years for an hour.  Now I can finally return the pictures are I borrowed from my mother in law, and maybe I'll finally make my husband the scrapbook for him I've planned on for years.


  1. That picture of your husband with the doll is seriously amazing. You should recreate it with J...

  2. I've always wondered who killed my doll. Revenge is imminent.