Monday, July 19, 2010

Uncle Brent is so fun

Uncle Brent might make scary noises at you, but its all in good fun. Uncle Brent is actually a very fun uncle, how many other uncles with two kids do you often find running around in the yard being chased and chasing others.
I like this picture because Jackson is chasing Uncle Brent. Uncle Brent wasn't always Jackson's Uncle, but I'm sure since he was still a baby when I got married he has no memory of such.  I remember seeing Jackson the day he was born, and spending a lot of time with him the first week of his life.  So it makes me extremely happy to see Jackson love Uncle Brent so much.  Uncle Brent is soo cool, just ask Jackson. Uncle Brent skateboards, and helps with homework.

Uncle Brent collapsed in old man tiredness. Growing up stinks!
Shh, don't tell anyone J and Mary were breaking the rules.

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