Friday, July 30, 2010

Anyone else

Does anyone else have those days where:
  • You are so exhasuted from a week/month of so much fun you feel like you can't think straight
  • And you have nothing you want to do since you since you sent your husband to work so you could have your "own time" since he isn't going to school during his one month break
  • But he is gone you can't really lie in the already made bed, that he makes each morning, and nap two feet away from your loving husband who is actually working
  • And so instead of sewing, like you thought you wanted to do, you spent hours on the internet reading random blogs, because they take no brain power
  • Then you think back to 2007 when you started blogging, when not everyone and their sister in law made mommy blogs, and it was still cool to blog, and it was ok to blog stalk all the time, or at least you didn't realize it was wierd to blog stalk so you still read random people's blog on a regular bases, but now you only do it when your exhausted
  • you look down after walking in your front door, and wonder who the heck bought those ugly skinny shorts. 
  • Remembering it was you, and why the heck did you buy two pairs?  Oh yeah they are in style and the only thing you could find reasonably priced.
  • And you find yourself relieved when you kid come home from a friends house, because then you can watch PBS kids with him, because the only channels that have anything in English that isn't soap opera-y or people's problems is PBS kids, but its embarrassing to watch Arthur by yourself.  Yeah, free TV is WAY pathetic.
You don't have those kind of days?  What is wrong with you?  I cleaned my house everyday this week, and now its clean, and I don't want to spend money, and no one was home all day, what else was I suppose to do. 
Did I mention I'm tired? 
I'm not in a bad mood, I'm just....tired....bored....and in the middle of a really boring book.

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