Tuesday, July 20, 2010


My husband and I read the article about Singletons in the recent TIME Magazine.  He saw the cover and said look its giving us permission to have an only child.  I said, I was the one that wanted a single child, you were the one that convinced me to have "The Whiny One".  He said, I was right we don't J a single child.
The article states singletons are not self absorbed and spoiled like the stereo type goes, they actually have better grades and test scores across socio-economic lines than their peers because there is more parental investment.  I'm sure all that is true.  My husband has many friends that are only children, and the article is right they are all well adjusted smart adults.  But you know I think there might be something more important than test scores.  Which is why I let my husband convince me to have another kids (that and the Lord was more persuasive than my husband, I think that was the only time in my life "the still small voice" in my life wasn't so still and quiet sounding.)
If I wouldn't have gotten pregnant two years ago, I'm sure we could have gotten to my son to read by the age of four.  As of now he is not very close at all.  But like I said I think there is things more important than test scores.  With one child everything fits so squarely into your schedule, into your life, into your plans, into your life.  All the balls are being juggled, the house is clean, there is time to read books, its cheaper to fly. Then our second came, and nothing fit squarely into our life.  Our life was turned upside down she still cries so much of the day, I have absolutely no control, none of the balls are being juggled, the kitchen floor always needs to be swept.  But you know what I kind of think life is about the second scenario.  I think life is about not being in complete control. I'm surprised how much fun I have in life when I'm not in control.  How much room it gives my heart to love, even if I'm stressed.

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