Thursday, July 15, 2010


I'm a bad mood.  I'm pining over my husband.  He is here, he and I have just have crazy schedules this week and we really haven't seen each other except during our late night scripture study and Tuesday afternoon when we went to REI (I'm not really sure how it happened, but we are people that go wander around REI planning all the fun we could have). I'm ornery, and lonely. Which means I'm ignore my children to the very last moment, in which case they get in trouble for dumping out the garbage.
I'm pretty sure I have no idea how Alisa or anyone else goes through a long absence with their spouse.  I hoping 10 pm comes early tonight, or maybe 9, I would be happy if my husband came home early. Because 10 means bed time, which means I have to deal with one more work day.  I like my husband working at home.
I just think it should be said, I do not like other people's children when I am lonely.  I barely handle my own, it takes everything I'm worth not to yell at them for talking to me.  Do NOT talk to me, no matter who you are when I'm in a bad mood. Talking to adults is fine, as long as it does not include questions.  That is the definitely no no to ask questions. Especially if you are under 20, no questions.
On a side note, I'm reading the Old Testament right?  Well then we read one chapter in the Book of Mormon together as a couple, and boy is that like a breath of fresh air.  I lay there struggling through the Old Testament, then when its my night to read the chapter, I feel like I've just woken up, I can understand the Book of Mormon, you might think all scripture language is the same its not.

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