Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First of the wedding pictures, grandparents

Here is my maternal grandma. I think this is a good picture of her.
Here I am with my paternal grandparents, these are "great grandma" and "great grandpa", yes my son calls her great grandma.
My grandma again, my son's swim lessons were the same time as elderly water aerobics. It made me stop taking for grant it the fact that I have fantastic genes. Based on the way my grandparents look, I'm going to be looking great in 60 years. My grandparents all looks so much better than most of those I saw at water aerobics. Thank goodness.
My grandma with her sister Margaret. When even I end up at my grandma's house and Aunt Margaret is there, I feel like I totally scored. I love watching my grandma around her sister. The look and act so much a like its awesome. Now looking at this post makes me thing I should stop taking my siblings for granted. The relationships with our siblings are the longest relationships in our lives.  I probably won't know anyone as long as I know my little brother.  Sure my grandparents have been married for 60 years, but my grandma as been Aunt Margaret's sister for 80+ now that is a long time.

The wedding was so much fun, even if it was tiring.  I love my family whether they are two generations above me, or a generation below. 

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