Monday, July 19, 2010

Finally wedding shots

The nieces and the bride. Its not every day a bride gets married and magically gets six adorable nieces, three blonde three brunettes. That lucky bride. All the cute nieces outfits, that Alisa and I spent painstaking hours shopping for. Just kidding we loved every minute of the matching fun. I could have done without making the flowers, can you see the green flower on the baby, oh an the flower on the older niece holding the baby.
The groom and his nephews he has been working eight years to accquire such a nice set of nephews. Nine nephews in eight years, technically seven years. It has taken ten years to get 6 nieces, and only took seven years for nine nephews, as you can see my family favors boys.
My brother the groom and my son. They both have brown curly hair and brown eyes. J loves Uncle Danul.
The bride and groom and my lovely family. We have pictures of pretty much everyone of my siblings and families with the bride and groom but I won't post them all, by little brother the groom loved every second of it.
 Ok, fine, I'll post just the bride and groom since it was their day.  Yeah, this is pretty much the best shot I got of just them.  Hey it might have been their day, but someone else was being paid to take pictures of them.

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  1. Love it, it's quite a challenge getting multiple children to all sit still and then smiling is way out of the question...great shots! Love the cake to, wow fancy! Congrats to your bro and you guys look great!