Friday, July 9, 2010

The 3rd of July

In nice religious states when the fourth is on Sunday we have to celebrate on Saturday. I know this is the case, because this was Brent and I's sixth Independence Day together, our first one when we were dating, also fell on a Sunday, and we watched fireworks in the greater Dallas area on Saturday night, then watched them on TV with my dad on Sunday night. Somethings never change, once we put our kids to bed on Sunday, we watched the fireworks in DC on our TV again. Anyway, we the day was filled with activity, it included a BBQ at my grandma's.
In which my daughter rode a crochet mallet like a stick horse, and we got an awesome action shot of her almost in mid air with only a few toes on the ground.
My kid and his second cousin have a slightly sordid relationship they are either hitting each other in the head or laughing over comic books. But they were so cute when they were reading the Far Side together!
But earlier in the morning, my brother, his kids, some of his in laws, and my husband hiked the G which my slightly sick son was devastated he couldn't go. So then we took a quick hike to a waterfall. It was nice, my son had to be carried part of the way because he was slightly sick, but he definitely perked up and felt way better half way through the hike and into the rest of the day. He still asked when we were hiking the G I said September when it isn't so hot.
Then we saw fireworks. It was Brent and I, our boy, we left our girl sleeping at great grandma's with a whole house of people sleeping. My parents, and it was suppose to be my father in law, Brent's younger brother and wife, but it turned out they sat somewhere different, and we sat with the other twin brother and his wife. It was a nice show. J was so sad he didn't have any glow sticks, so when some girls walked by selling them, his grammy made sure to get him 2 for a dollar. We thought he looked like a jedi, I guess really a padawan, is that sad I know that difference. We had not planned on the temperature dropping that weekend, so my son and I wore my grandma's sweats to the show, because we only had shorts and t shirts.
Tah dah, the fireworks, my husband shot on his KX.
These were actually my favorite for the year, but the picture doesn't look as cool, apparently they are more smoky.  Which I had no idea of when we were watching.
I think this is the end of Independence day pictures, so maybe I'll get back to the reunion and wedding.

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  1. So much fun! I love the firework pictures all of mine turned out black.