Friday, July 30, 2010

Main Event

The reunion was very low key. Thank goodness. The adults mostly sat around and talked,
...while the kids ran around, blew bubbles, ate candy and played video games.
I love this picture, I think the toddlers are all so cute.  But then again they are my favorite age, I love to watch the walk around, like they own the place. Nan looks quite a bit like Cousin O in the green shirt, in this picture.  Who would have thought, I thought O looked like his dad's family, and N looked like mine, but apparently their related, I guess that's why the attended the same reunion.
This is Brent, his cousin and his cousin's wife.  If they would have held a vote, I think she would have won for favorite family member.  Everyone seemed to gush that they were so glad the cousin married her.  She was super fun.
Don't I just have cute nieces?  I counted before we went up there, my kids have 28 first cousins between my family and my husband's, and two more on the way.  I can't even imagine having thirty cousins before your turn 5.  But my kids have been luckily they got to play with all 28 of them in the period of a month.

I'm so glad my husband's family got together.  I have so much fun with them, and enjoy all my in laws a whole ton. I got way luckily with who I married, sure I knew I loved him, and I picked him.  But who knew when I got married I had found another stellar family to be apart of.

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