Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weak Sauce

Its official, I'm weak sauce. Through the PMBA program we went to a baseball game and ate free hot dogs.
We were of course there with other PMBA students and their families.  I saw a few pregnant wives, I saw a few new babies and wondered.  I wondered a lot of things, but mostly how? why? (at this point someone related to me through my husband should say, you don't know how babies are made? or say, well when two people love each other) But no those were not the questions in my head.
Apparently I'm weak sauce, I could not handle a pregnancy or a new baby right now.  One family even had about 5 or 6 little ones with a new baby, really little ones, I doubt the oldest was more than 9.  I felt pathetic in comparison to that mother.  But then again I didn't. I felt completely content.  I'm perfectly happy with my two children.  Although I'm capable of being excited for mothers showing off their baby bumps, the idea of me having one, makes me want to cower in fear under the computer desk and rock back and forth in fetal position. Just like my daughter did this morning when I tried to put her new tennis shoes on (needless to say I returned them for something that lights up and is pink).
Luckily I married a man who has no desire to fill his quiver full of children.  Yes, I thank my lucky stars neither of us are aspiring for such gains. If it was up to him we would stick with even odds.  And in case I forgot, my children were really really awful the first two innings of the game.

Then luckily the bee came by and scared the living socks of my daughter. She became quite mellow after that, while my son got a free drink and snack with kids eat free on Tuesday.  Oh yes, I'm completely content. I have no idea for more in my life. I'm so glad I don't work right now.  Does that go with this post? 
Anyway, we had a fun evening.  At least I think everyone did. My hair seems to look very blond. I don't know if its the lighting or being outside with the kids, I haven't highlighted it in over a year.


  1. weak sauce, quiver full of children,
    you always put a big smile on my face,
    and yes, I did think your hair looked quite blond as well.
    I love free family outings! They army is always throwing these our way!

  2. Oh my goodness, I think Utah is getting into your head! Being content with two is perfectly fine and normal, many stop at that stage because they are so content! Your little girl put you through alot and I don't blame you!!!!

    Love the pictures and it looks like a blast! You seriously crack me up, just like Brent!

  3. I agree with you Jo Lynn, that is why I got to leave.