Saturday, July 17, 2010

Baby Trash Can

Yes, I just found my baby eating out of the trash can.  She has been very tired lately and been sleeping in, yes I know I'm lucky.  She hadn't yet eaten breakfast when she spied a piece of off brand Trix on the floor.  She went for it, and then she found another, and then low and behold she sat up, and found the motherload.  J could not finish his second bowl of cereal.  The first had milk, the second dry and he was full, so he poured half a bowl of cereal in the trash can.  Where my daughter then found it hours later.  She knew she shouldn't but she was just so hungry and they were so tasty.  So she ate some out of the garage.  Normally off brand isn't as good, these are much better they aren't so sugary or high fructose corn syrupy. How could she resist?  Once I realized what was happening I said, Nan let's get you a real bowl of cereal.  When she heard me she started screaming, she knew she shouldn't be eating from the trash, so she thought she was in trouble, and started crying like she was sorry and in trouble.  She wasn't in trouble, I just thought she deserved a bowl of cereal that was not resting on top of a used diaper. But it was rather humorous.
Now in a moment of praise for her, she is extremely dexterous and good at wielding a spoon, and she loves to eat cereal with milk in it, and spoon it in her mouth like a big girl.

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