Saturday, July 31, 2010


The highlight of J's year came, Stake Lagoon Day. He was so happy in church three weeks ago with the Lagoon tickets showed up.  Apparently the boats were all he talked about in Sunbeams. I know Stake Lagoon Day sound bizarre to all you non locals, but really its just a marketing scheme. You get in for a discounted price one day a summer depending on your Stake, and then never see anyone you know the whole day. It is not endorsed by the stake, there is no greeting anyone. It just a marketing thing. J looks forward to Lagoon all year, for what ever reason. Actually you get in for free but can't ride any rides, so then you buy the discounted ride package, or tickets to ride individually. Of course we started off with riding the baby boats. Our kids are little, and we are cheap, so bought tickets for individual rides, we spent $26 the whole day including parking. 
Although he dropped baby, and just called them little boats this year. Really the only reason he wants to go is the baby boats, so we should just let the kids ride them three times and go home, but yet we don't. Lagoon is really not as fun as he remembers, as he learned today.  And what do Brent and I do during Stake Lagoon day, sit in the hot heat.
We spent the morning walking around Pioneer Village (which is free). It has a WHOLE lot of pioneer artifacts and I found it quite interesting. We have never done it in the morning, so by the point we go there we are tired, and the building are hot, but since it was still morning, they weren't too warm, and we all still had energy. We had not seen the majority of the buildings, so it was nice to have something new to do.
Here is an old newspaper from my Alumi Mater.
 We also where we learned Nan knows that guns say Bang Bang. Nattie rarely talks anything other than baby
babble, but occasionally when we are out of the house, she does something like point to a gun and say "bang bang". She was scared to death of the buffalo head, and hugged her daddy real tight.
 One of the buildings that we unforutantely have seen every year is the circus model and old doll muesum.  Nan found that little baby in the basket and was so sad she couldn't have him.  She cried, so much and kept hitting the glass, when I tired to get her to leave, she ran away from me, and ran back to the baby.  Finally I coaxed her out, and said bye bye. 
But boy was it tramatic, she had to hug and kiss me for at least 5 minutes after we said good bye to the baby. That and a large fake horse, was quite scary to her.

Then we ate lunch.  What I love about lagoon is they allow you to take food in, so a lot of the guest bring in their own coolers, and they have tons of pavilions and grass for picnics.  I love that I don't have to spend $30 on food and drinks.  Not to mention my kids don't like fast food when they are hot. Still I'm sure more guest buy food than not.
Then we went back for a few more kiddie rides, the two things J was looking for was the baby boats, and (kiddie) bumper cars. I don't even know where he learned about bumper cars, he started asking to ride them before we got to Lagoon.
He hates rides that go up in the air because he has a fear of heights, so there really isn't a lot out there for him. But we still put him on one that didn't go too high, we thought he would be fine, but apparently we were wrong.  He told me he would "never ever ride that whale ride again".  Just for the record we do not tell him he is scared of heights, we ask him he wants to do something, and he says no, I don't like to be high.
He had fun, but not as much fun as he expected.  I think over the last year, he had built Lagoon up in his mind to be more exciting than it was. Nan hates those quarter rides you find at the mall or in front of the dollar store, she likes to sit on them until they move, but she loved the baby boats, so I guess we have a convert. We ended off the day with a really cool parrot show. Nan sang, danced and clapped, just like they wanted the audience to do.
J sat there silently smiling, his favorite was the parrot riding the scooter, because he loves his scooter so much. But unfortunately our pictures is the parrot riding a bike.
We got a picture with the parrot that might have been Cotton's parrot in Pirates. The guy running the show, said if you've seen Parrots on TV they are his parrots.  His parrots have been in movies, like Ace Ventura, and Pirates of the Caribbean, and Cotton's parrot in the movie is blue and yellow.  But who knows, maybe its a different parrot and that is ok too.

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