Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hooray the cousins came to play

My children have been very lucky to see all 30+ of their cousins this year. 15+ on one side and another 15+ on the other. My family was all in town for the big wedding, and I have so many pictures, I don't even know what to do.. but I figured start in the beginning, the first cousins we saw were the LA ones. It was so fun, we cried a lot.
It's hard to be a baby/toddler and to want to touch someone's face, and then when they touch your face back, that is when it gets awful. Other than touching faces and other tear inducing faces, these two blonde cousins are so stinkin' cute, and look a lot of like, they most of the time enjoy playing next to each other, but sometimes its sad.

Hooray Aunt T, to do hair, I'm pretty sure my baby remembers Aunt T has the girl room. My daughter absolutely loves my sister in law's salon in her garage, and her sitting in the hair chair. She knows its the girl room.
More stinkin' cute boys, my boy always looks so dark to me next to all these blonde hair, blue eye boys.

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