Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Olympic Fun with Cousins

We went to the Olympic Park with cousins, and watched summer camps ski jump into the water. See the red circle?
Then we took a few line up photos.
Hooray for the line ups, sorry if you read Alisa's blog I took some of the photos from hers. Because J's hair looks so great with this picture background. 

Then I had to recreate.
Five and half years ago on my honeymoon my husband and I came to the Olympic park, and it cost money had had no museum.  Its weird now there is a museum and it doesn't cost money. Anyway, we accidentally snuck in without paying and took our picture next to this buffalo. My husband wasn't there to take a photo with, so I had to make do and pick my other brown eyed boy.
Seriously tomorrow might be the day for wedding photos.

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