Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Where I'm going with my credo....
  While falling asleep a few nights ago, I've thought I want to think of attributes and virtues that we are naturally good at.  So I thought what is one of Brent's strongest qualities, and scribbled it down in the dark in hopes of not bothering his sleep.  What about Nan?  J? Me????.  What about our legacies?  What did our parents instill in us, my parents, Brent's parents?  What about their parents our grandparents?  Luckily a lot of the qualities overlap on people, and I figure Brent will cut half.
Then I also decided to channel, the Thirteenth Article of Faith.  Oh that is where I regained my vigor, Brent's speaking assignment. Also Sermon on the Mount, the Beatitudes, then I stretched and thought, maybe the Boy Scout Law.  I'm really trying to research this.  I only plan on writing one of these,  I want to write this once, and then always fit us as life continues, no matter where life takes us. I should also read our PB, you know what that stands for.
I also thought of a lot of virtues that great, but decided not to list them.  I want this to be realistic.  Friendly for example.  We like friends, we love talking with people, we like small dinner parties but we are not really the type of people that start talking to the random person in the grocery store.  It takes a lot of effort on my part to be friendly to the person next to me in church that I don't know.  I guess outgoing is the actual word.  We can be friendly, but we will never be outgoing. I wanted to focus on things we naturally are, and improve and become better in, not things that are just not our personality.  That might not make sense you. But remember last post, I wrote, "We also talked about companies with mission statements who's action are pretty contradictory." I don't want to set this lofty credo with virtues we will never obtain in our mortal life time, and friendly to strangers will never fit that bill. I didn't want my children to feel overburdened by this their whole lives, since none of us are outgoing so friendly never even made the list. Friendly is just an example, I thought of all types of things that I have since forgotten about.
 Recently a friend on FB posted a link to this blog post that inspired me, even though they aren't really virtues, and slightly different than what I'm trying to accomplish. By the way, this is obviously longer than We are a Family of Integrity, or Having Fun Doing the Right Thing, but it won't be too long, its not going to be pages, or even paragraphs.  But maybe one paragraph, or a few sentences, at the least a very long run on sentence. Actually it is the last.
The real question in all of this, is will all my faithful readers be disappointed if I don't post the end product?  I don't think I am going to.  You'll just have to visit me in our new house to see it.  Or email me. Although maybe I post a Wordle, because they are so dang fun.

To me this also all has to do with these two blog posts that were written in September and just barely posted.
Hopes and Dreams

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