Saturday, March 5, 2011

Second Story

Here is the second story from the business trip, the third story is the story of the house and probably will never make it on my blog, at least not in its entirety.

The first night I was in Colorado Brent and I rented Date Night.  I can't recommend it to anyone because it was quite PG-13, but funny.  The best part was when Steve Carell's character asks his wife Tina Fey if she every fantasizes about another man.  She says, No, I just want to go to a room all by myself, not take care of anyone,  and listen to the quiet.  (Its sounds a lot better in the movie.) Carell says that's just weird.  Then she goes off about taking care of the kids, the house, and her job, and how every night her kids are shocked they have to put on their pajamas.  Like they've never heard they are going to put pajamas on before. It also makes it funny because she emphases the "ja" Although I will say I thought that was the funniest part of the movie, and all of Carell's characters annoy my husband and I.
Then next day Brent went to work, and I stayed in our hotel room.  I lived the dream!  I didn't take care of anyone, I read a book (or two), no one wiped boogers on me, no talked to me, asked questions, or whined to me. I didn't have to talk, and most importantly no one screamed!  It was really quite wonderful.  But I'll be honest, I've never been so excited for Brent to get off work and he finished at 3 pm that day.  I probably could have handled another day of solitude.  But more than that, and I would have gone stir crazy.  Don't get me wrong, I loved that day, it was so wonderful, to not talk at all!  But a strange thing happened.  Instead of sitting reading my book on my wonderful Nook that my wonderful husband bought me for Christmas, I turned on the TV, and let Buffy the Vampire Slayer Marathon run in the background while I read my book.  I finally had silence, and it was almost too silent.  Its embarrassing, but I'll be he honest.  (Nothing but full discloser on this blog.)

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  1. We watched the movie recently too and I totally related to that part. I have been fantasizing lately about going on vacation by myself or just with my sister or something with the sole goal of the trip to walk around and take photos. That sounds like a dream to me. When we go on vacation, we're always on a schedule, hurrying here or there, feeding a whiny kid, trying to entertain her. It'd be so fun to just go on vacation and only worry about what *I* want to do.