Sunday, March 20, 2011

No Staycation

I've always wanted take a staycation.  We seem to go on vacation all the time and still never use up all of Brent's time off.  (He racks up a lot of comp time and vacations usually use up that, barely touchs time off.)  I've always wanted a staycation, go see all the local attractions eat out as often as we want or not want, sleep in the comfort of our own bed, have the kids in their own room, not shoved against us in a tent or hotel room, and then actually sleep in.  But atlas that has no appeal to my husband. We could even catch a movie or two and still remain under budget.
I was scarred hearing the fictional story of two men that drove across the country in different directions and happened to meet at the Grand Canyon  but had never seen any attractions in their home states.
I wanted to do everything there was to do here. I didn't want to move away and someone say, oh I love such and such, we always do that at my family reunion, have you been?  And then have to say no. (I have an exception, I could careless about any resort/theme park/water park type thing.) So last year on our spring break camping trip I made a list of things I still needed to do, before we moved. I had no moved date set in the future but I knew it would come eventually.  And now we are moving and I did hardly any on my list.
Here is what I still have yet to do:
Antelope Island
Salt Flats
Any part of the Great Salt Lake for that matter
The Planetarium
Ensign Peak
Great Basin National Park
Dinosaur National Park
The last two are hardly done from the comfort of my own home, but you know.  I also have already been to Dinosaur National Park before, but my kids love fossils and Dinosaur Bones so I want to take them.

I actually have seen most of the stuff there is to see in my opinion, but never from the comfort of my own staycation, mostly with just the kids.  Brent has interests in going to museums and such in other cities, but not much here. Although he has been to plenty with us.  I plan what I'm going to do then tell him, and sometimes he comes and sometimes he doesn't.
The only thing I feel bad about not doing is Ensign Peak.  I really wanted to hike Ensign Peak since it is referenced in conference all the time.  I also wish I would have had time to take my family to the Planetarium, but there are Planetariums in other places too. There is also a good chance I can do everything on my list because I will be back to visit. But man I feel lame I never hiked Ensign Peak.
Oh I'm also planning to take my children to the Bean Museum in BYU during all the BYU graduation/commission weekend.  We have never been to the Bean Museum, everyone says its great and free. Even if we even run in for two minutes.

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  1. Ensign Peak only takes like 30 minutes! You should do it!