Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Life was traditional today. It was uncanny.  So weird.  For months I knew: relax life will not continue like this forever.  At Christmas I knew I should be patient but I couldn't. I knew it was a small season, but I wouldn't believe.  Today I had a glimpse of what life might be, and as I said it was just weird.
Brent and I woke up, I said good bye to him as I got ready and he left for work.  He left the house and went to "the office" to work.  I got the kids up for school; we ate breakfast.  We left for school, the oldest dropped off, me and the little one went grocery shopping.  Eventually the end of school came, lunch came, a trip to the library, babysitting friends (actually cousins).  Then Brent returned home from the office, phone calls were made and received, dinner was made, and eaten much later than 4:45 pm.  The tabled cleared, dishes cleaned.  When I realized it was already bedtime.  I bathed my children, Brent fixed the shower head.  Prayers were said and books were read.  Could life have been so normal and average in MY household?
Life is never that normal and consistent, never that average.  Not for years, even before Brent started school he was working crazy hours, paged and random times.  While I was cleaning up the dishes, when I realized it was almost bedtime, the bizarreness of the normalcy hit me.  I mentioned it to my amazing husband and said soon life is only going to get more normal isn't it?  Once we buy a house, we'll be so normal I won't know what to do with life. He laughed at me, and slapped my bum.  (yes, we are those type of people.)
Now yes, I know my life will hardly be normal everyday, after July.  I also know I will never "arrive".  At the same time, I can't believe how normal my life is about to get. Not only that Kindergarten starts in the fall.  Its almost here, I couldn't wait in December, now I can almost see it like the mirage-y wet highway in front of you when you drive through the desert on a road trip.  I'm not quite sure if I'm ready for my car to driving so fast.  I'm often shocked how adult like my life is.  A few years ago earlier in my marriage, I found felt like I was playing pretend, someone was eventually going to come home and tell my boyfriend and me to stop kissing and go home.  But no one ever did, he wasn't my boyfriend, he is my husband, I'm not babysitting its my child.  That feeling has long past, in fact I almost forgot about it.

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