Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I love how clueless my husband is about cultural things.  Last night my husband came home from a work dinner outing thing. Our conversation went like this:

Brent: I brought you my french fries, you'll like them, you'll want to eat them tonight.
Me:  Ok, where did you go tonight anyway?
B: Ruby Tuesday's.
My thoughts went something like this:  Really?  You think I'll like lame food from Ruby Tuesdays? But I appreciated the gesture and didn't complain.  When I finally got around to reheated them, the box said Ruby River Steak House.  Oh, that made sense, I could see a Steak House having really good fries.

The conversation continued,
Me: You know you went to Ruby River Steak House tonight not Ruby Tuesdays.
B:  Really?  Why did they keep talking about Ruby Tuesdays on Tuesday?
Me: Did you they actually say that?
B: I don't know they talked about something with Tuesday.
Me: Might it be that it is Fat Tuesday today?
B: What is Fat Tuesday?
Me: Mardi Gras.
B: Blank stare.
Me: Carnival?
B: More blank stares.
Me: Fat Tuesday is the last day of Mardi Gras, which you know as Carnival. Lent starts tomorrow.
B: Registering at the word Carnival, more blank stares wondering why anyone other than Catholics care.

I loved this conversation.  The thing with my husband and most of his family is they are totally not connected to what society deems important.  When you get to know them you might wonder why they don't cultural references.  But I've known my husband long enough to just know who he is, and to find his quirks endearing.  I found the conversation quite amusing in a good way. I appreciate that one, my husband had no idea what restaurant he ate at, and two that he ignored all media sources from Facebook, to the Radio all day, that he never took the time to listen to the mindless babble of the world.


  1. That is so funny! I think you could have had the same conversation with me! I didn't know it was Mardi Gras or Lent. I never remember the name of things like stores and restaurants. I don't think it would be so endearing with me those you would probably be really annoyed, at least my husband gets annoyed. :)

  2. Our cluelessness is a great source of pride among us. In fact I am ashamed to say I have an opinion about the fries at Ruby Tuesdays. They put pepper on them!? Gross, ruined my entire meal.