Friday, March 18, 2011

Part 2, Of wondering where we have been

I also cut my hair. I took this picture myself on the way out the door running my son to preschool. I thought man, I wish my hair looked that good at my cousin's wedding. Some days, my hair naturally looks great and some days it looks terrible, and I have no skills to improve it. The best thing about this picture is its slight overexposed so you can't see my chronic dark circles under my eyes.
Also we were asked to talk in church last sunday, I obviously didn't talk I wasn't there. But my husband said yes he would. I said you are crazy what about the kids he said ah, I'll figure it out. Well he showed up to sacrament meeting and the Bishop arranged for a couple to watch our kids. So he totally lucked out, because he didn't have to take care of them by himself. In fact he didn't even have to take care of them, he sat on the stand while someone else took care of them. Oh course since they were slightly nervous not being with their parents they were perfect. Then my husband really lucked out the guy before him took all the time but five minutes. So my husband gave a super short talk and didn't have to watch the kids while I was out of town.

My daughter also got her hair cut, which she wasn't too trilled about, but it was a huge improvement. It should have been cut 6 weeks ago. I think all her hair has finally grown in. Unfortunately her hair isn't as A line as I would have liked.  The back length is great, but I like it wrap around her ears and its too short for that.
Here is the before, since the back has been there forever, and the front is still growing in, she was channeling some Mrs. Brady.

Ah, but the best story by far I almost forgot about.  The day I was flying out to my cousin's wedding, my daughter literally spilled milk everywhere on the floor.  Apparently no one noticed but mom, so even though I have to leave for the airport in 10 minutes, I wipe it up then grab the mop.  This was all very exciting to the kids, I normally mop after they go to bed.  So once I finished I let them use it while I finished getting all my stuff together.  Well next thing I know, when I walk back into the kitchen they are moping the table!  Ahh! gross.  So I grab the mop then disinfect the table, and pretty much grab my suitcase and run out the door.  It was a liberating morning, to say the least.

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