Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rich People

My son's best friend in preschool lives in a different school district but we live in one of the few school districts that ofter preschool in our state, so he applied and was accepted to preschool.  His friend lives in my favorite part of the state.  All these beautiful older homes, that are ghastly expensive, well maintained and wonderfully updated inside.  They have beautiful mature neat green yards, with trees lining the sidewalks.  If this area of town remains nice over the next 40 years like it did over the last 60 years, I totally want to retire here, because I love it so much.  As we drove through the neighborhoods to get to J's house. Yes, J's friend's name starts with a J too.  I saw these people walking down the street.  The women had fitted down jackets on, and were pushing jogging strollers as they strolled down the street with their house. They overwhelmed me.
I said, Brent do you ever wonder why rich people are so active?  (Rich as in upper middle class neighborhoods, where house is average $300K for a small three bed.)
He said no, I wonder why poor people aren't more active.
Really I asked? Did you see those girls in those down or like-down jackets pushing the jogging strollers?
He said what do you think we'll look like once we move?  Its a nice neighborhood we are buying in.  When the weather is good we always go for walks.
Good point, he won. I wish we were more active, but we active enough, and have great health. Our idea of fun is browsing REI.
So it turns out I hate my tall thin self, and find myself vastly overwhelming. Dang it.
Although not too overwhelming, you'll rarely see me out with another girl. I grew up with brothers. I find girls in large groups overwhelming. Never once attended a GNO, well except in high school as a boycott to school sanctioned activities.

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