Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Kid

I totally forgot I wanted to blog about this a month ago.  J has a new kid in his class, which I was surprised when I heard because you have to be accepted to preschool, pay monthly, and there is a cap on classrooom size.  Although I don't know if the new kid is paying. J and his friend were telling me all about this kid before he came, they were so excited.  But all they knew was he was from a country near China, (they couldn't remember the name) and is learning English.  Finally I figured more details, the little boy is from Burma, and based on some other details I'm assuming his family are refugees but that hasn't been confirmed.  J is very excited to have him in his class, but I think mostly because the first half of both of their names are spelled the same.  J has affinity for other boys who's names also start with J. My son informed me this other boy speaks Chin and English.  Which I was a little confused about wikipedia confirmed it is a dialect.  I really have no idea what the point of this blog is other than record how happy J was to get a new kid in class from a different country.  I help out occasionally in the classroom, and I was very impressed on how well the new kids could draw.
Yes, I know this is the most boring post ever, and also slightly confusing without names.
In other preschool notes, J has a best friend in class, but his best friend is a different group than him, we'll call him Ja.  I helped out one day when Ja was sick and not there.  My son made it very clearly to me when I set out the placemats for snacks (the rest of the class was at recess) that he wanted to sit by the red group, my son's group.  Which I found a little surprising since he is the only boy in his group, and normally he likes to set up placemats of an all boy snack table.  At one point it got very upset because he thought I didn't put in next to red group.  Long story, the groups got a little switched around, and his favorite red group friend who is a girl who we'll call K got switched to another group yesterday.  When he told me I could tell he was very sad.  I felt bad, but such is life. Its quite funny because he always says hi and bye to K, and she just sort of looks at him.  But in preschool defense he can't even remember the names of the other two girls.  Luckily my son knows the name of girl that took K's spot.  Unluckily they were playing in toy cars or something like that yesterday in the hallway and the girl that is new to red group bumped J and his head hit the sink.  He told me how bad it hurt.  I felt very sorry for him, his favorite group member gets bumped and he gets his head bashed.  Poor kid, I don't think preschool was too great for him yesterday, but you would have never known that today when he went in. Luckily he is friends with the girl who got switched into his group that knocked him over.

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