Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Do you wonder

Do any of you out there wonder where I am?  When I'm at the computer I have writer's block and am incapable of coming up with a blogpost.  But when I'm offline my brain reels with me.
But over all I guess I'm busy.  I spend my mornings as a family secretary, buying a house is a part time job I spend most mornings, either on the phone, or on the computer researching.  Luckily my afternoons are free, I will admit I've spend some days, starring at the computer, looking at kitchens, paint jobs, and furniture, but mostly I'm exhausted.  I put my daughter down for a nap, get my son settle, read for 20 minutes and then nap for two hours everyday.  I go to sleep with my husband at 11 when he gets home and then drag my butt out of bed every morning.  I'm just so exhausted.  Brent has three classes, instead of two class this semester so we only see Brent on Tuesday nights, Friday nights and during the weekend. Last weekend I went to Arizona to see my cousin married, so its been awhile since I've spent time with my husband other than reading contracts and signing papers.  Since he has his new job he is always at the office so we don't even get to eat dinner with him, the kids never see him except Tuesday night and during the weekend. But by now they are hardened and don't even seem to notice.
Yup, last weekend the tables turned, Brent has never watched the kids that long without me, I on the other hand have weathered plenty of business trips and gun camps while he goes and plays with his siblings.  So I was glad the tables were turned and he got his chance.  He never thought it was easy for me when he left, but now he'll have empathy instead of just sympathy.  I asked him how it went, as in how did he survive.  He said something to the effect it was constant all the time.  I said yeah, its hard to do it day after day with no breaks.  No one take over.  He said, "yeahh"
If I'm not sleeping or on the phone, I'm reading.  I of course have a book to read, but I'm also quite obsessive with magazines these days.  But like I said never parenting magazines.  I of course read the TIME each week.  I started reading the Smithsonian cover to cover each month, and it fascinates me more than I would ever imagine.  I started reading Whole Living each month.  I also get Martha Stewart and Better Homes and Gardens, but I don't even read half of the articles.  But I started to Redbook for free.  Bizarrely enough I read it cover to cover the first week I get it.  Thats embarrassing to admit.  So what is that three full magazines a month, plus the TIME weekly.  I'm just absorbing a lot of media outlets right now.  I wish I read the Ensign cover to cover each month, but well... I started giving the kids The Friend to flip through so they can be like me while we eat lunch. (I never read normal books or magazines on sunday, I've been reading other things on Sunday, I just never get to the Ensign.) Its been great, to give them the Friend because then we have great conversation about the church based on the pictures they see, and what they can do to be better people.  Have I ever mention my son is precocious?  When I think of a way to describe my son, I always think of Mormon 1:2, "I perceive that thou art a sober child, and art quick to observe;" I'm not quite sure why he is quite the way he is, or why he is sober, but I sure do love him.  The other day my neighbor told me, when he was over playing all of sudden he got up and put on his shoes.  Her son, his friend asked where he was going, he said, I have a lot to do today, and I only planned to stay a little bit, and its been a little bit.  
And that is our life lately.
I barely even mentioned my cousin's wedding.  I was so glad I was there, it was so great to see some of my cousins I haven't seen in a long time.

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