Monday, March 21, 2011


Yesterday I went to pick my two year old up from Nursery in church. As she ran toward me her teachers said, where's your picture? She quickly turned around and said Dah-dee! Grabbed her picture and brought it to me, pointing, saying, Dah-dee, Dah-dee!

Apparently she colored her happy face to look like daddy. She was so proud to show it to me, and especially her daddy. Personally I think it is a pretty good likeness, he has black hair, eyes and mouth, just like in real life.

One more story about my daughter at church.  We are trying to encourage her talk, and use language, which includes a weekly speech class with Aunt Danna our resident speech pathologist.  Yesterday during church I was interacting with my daughter, whispering to her when her play included looking at me.  We had three different colored bunnies at church.  Nan was showing me the blue one, saying blue, and then showing the pink, trying to say pink.  I leaned over to her, and whispered you're right, thank you for talking.  Then irony of the situation hit me.  What mother whispers to her child thank you for talking during church?  Apparently a mother who is desperate to hear her daughter to communicate through other means than crying.

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