Saturday, March 19, 2011

Family Date Night

We are on a budget, because of the house and moving. I half my grocery bill and currently I really don't buy anything else, or than gas and diapers. Anytime I get the itch to buy, I think paint cans. But when Brent came home from work yesterday asking do you want to go see Tangled?  I jumped! I have been begging to go since January.  Even though we are on a tight budget, we decided we would spurge, and buy a few hamburgers and French fries first. We got the kids in the car, everyone was excited. Then we didn't even make it around the block when I said, we should have just spent the same amount of money, we are spending tonight to pre-ordered it on Blu-ray from Amazon, it would look better on blu-ray on our TV than at the dollar theater. Brent asked do you want to? I said, it comes out in two weeks. Brent asked again do you want to? I said maybe... but the kids are excited.  He said thats ok, let's do that instead, it will look better on our TV.  I had already planned what to cook for dinner, but I hadn't started so we went home and I started.  We turned around before we even made it to a stoplight.  We watched a Neflix movie and had a picnic in the living room.  J was disappointed he didn't get a hamburger, while Nan was still excited, we kept asking once we got home who is having fun?! She kept saying, ME! She didn't know what she was missing unlike her brother. But they both enjoyed dinner, while watching G force on Netflix instant view, so it was a fun night even if it took a different turn.  But as I cooked dinner, I felt pathetic and kept laughing, my poor children, their parents are so frugal its just not fun.

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