Monday, March 28, 2011

More Hair

I've been meaning to post this for a while now.  This was my hair inspiration:

I have no idea if it actually looks this this or not.  I think my stylist was scared to actually cut it this short, I kept telling her more, more, until I gave up. And now its been a month so its really not short anymore.  I also don't think I have the right type of product.  But other than that, I think it might actually be close.  I use 'Curly Sexy Hair' Curling Creme and it works ok, as long as I go light so my hair isn't crunchy.  I really love the product in my son's hair.  It defines his curls, without it looks like he has product in his hair, it makes it look very natural just without the frizzy fuzz that comes from bedhead.
I use to think this this was the same hair cut, just curly instead of natural, but now I don't think it is, its longer. Unless she has fake temporary hair extensions which I recently read is used by all stars on red carpet affairs.  I don't know, when my hair actually curls instead of waves it looks quites similar.
I've only blow dried my hair straight once since I cut it off last month.  Thats why I was so excited when I saw the first picture of Kiera, because I get so tired of blow drying my short hair, so I was excited to find a style that isn't straight. 
The other day I thought hmm?  I wonder if my hair looks like doo-doo, everyday? Since I put some light gel in it and just go.  Maybe? Oh well.  I'm content, and my husband likes me. 


  1. I think your hair looks better than hers, at least it did the one day I saw you.

  2. Oh Hooray! Pam, I think you must be my favorite sister in law. That's saying something I do have 12.