Monday, February 28, 2011

Business Trip

My husband went on a business trip last week and invited me out.  He went out on Monday, I joined him on Wednesday.  (I didn't want to leave the kids for a full week.)  Luckily I have super great in laws, and Brent's parents watched my kids and brought them back home Saturday night.  Anyway, that is not the story, there are lots of stories from my first trip without children in five years, but this is the one I am sharing today on my blog.
Brent brought me onto his work office so I could meet the people he has been working with for the past two years. (He has been working for his company for almost three years but two years ago, they switched who is management is.) So I met all his old managers, he had three in two years, the switch took awhile to work out the kinks. But now he has been promoted so he is on the same level of his old managers since he is now a manager.  I met some other people, and his director.  There use to be two managers between him and his director, but now its just him in his new position then the director. I have heard about all these people for two years now.  Anyway, so we met everyone including the director.
Later in the day after we left apparently they were having a meeting, the director was all stressed about the internet down on Monday, and in the middle of his rant, he stopped and said, "Weren't Brent and his wife so cute this morning?"  Then he continued on his rant.  This was very uncharacteristic for him, so apparently it was quite funny and weird.  I should also mention Brent is probably 20 years younger than any of the other managers.

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