Friday, May 7, 2010


When my son was younger than my daughter, I use to try to do yoga while he was asleep. But I hate wasting that precious time on something like exercise. I then started doing it while he was awake. I currently do it while my kids are awake. I use to think I need my kid asleep to fully relax during yoga. Now I realize anyone can relax while the distractions are gone, its can you relax while its there, that is the real test. Today while I stretch my limbs my son played red light green light under the bridge (downward dog), my daughter tried to jump on my back every time I was doing plank, or upward dog, and during my final relaxation I had two little bodies on either side of me, fighting for my attention, one counting loudly, and the other whining. Bring heaven and earth, down to me, takes on a whole another meaning with such noises in my ears. But I think its working, this is the first time since my son was 9 months old that I exercised regularly, and I am definitely more relaxed around my children's nuisances.

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