Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Magic Day

It had been three years since I had gone to the Renaissance Faire and watched Magic Uncle Ralph's show so I figured I should go back. I didn't go last year because I had a colicy infant, or two years ago because I was barely pregnant and quite sick. But I went three years ago, because we have pictures to prove it, and we went four years ago, because I remember going to my brother's house instead of going back north with everyone else.
I liked the benches this year. It was suppose to be cold, but then it wasn't it was a great temperature, and very sunny my kids and I got burned.

I went with Danna. There she was with the Magician.

Oh the old bait and switch. My son has been very into soldiers lately. He has also been really into his old handme down sword. It kept getting progressively broken, I kept trying to glue it back together, but it was bitting the dust. I did a quick amazon search after duct taping it together and found one for $3.5o, free shipping with prime (now 50 cents more). At that price I quickly bought it. Two days later we went to the Renaissance Faire, while there a Knight started talking to him, I figured the knight was bored. I had to explain to my son that the knight was a solider. The knight had this whole song and dance about becoming a knight, yada yada, half way through I realized he is going to try to get me to buy a sword. Two thirds of the way thought this man is going to get a big fat rejection. But things changed long story slightly shorter my son got to paint an already painted sword for $5 while he had a plastic sword waiting for him at home in a box. Oh well. He loves both swords.
Did you know I have four kids? Luckily I don't Danna just wanted me to look like I did.
When we walked and saw the goats my daughter said her fourth word. "Buh-Buh (baby)" It was awesome, she walked in pointed to the baby kids and yelled Buh Buh. I know not baby, but I think she was calling it a baby, the letter B was very clear. I had to blog about this because I want to always remember her yelling baby. We loved the baby goats. They were so cute.
The kids eat cotton candy.
On the way out we saw a pirate ship. We also saw Jack Sparrow wandering around. I knew the difference between a pirate and a privateer do you? I don't know if this was suppose to be Jack's Pearl or not. It sort of looks like it. But I thought Jack had a concession stand.

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