Monday, May 24, 2010

Spending Freeze

My husband and I put ourselves on a spending freeze. Why?...
Why not?
We were making too many petty purchases, too many not petty purchases... maybe.
Aren't we talking about buying a 40 inch TV?
Yes, there is a difference in the money piles for that. Sort of.
Not to mention why not go on a spending freeze. We are only buying gas and food until the end of the month. Last week I kept thinking the end of the month was tomorrow, then I could go spend. But its not, its next week. But the freeze was only three weeks but yet it seems painful. My kid would love a razor scooter, my daughter could use a new plastic vehicle trike right? My daughter needs white shoes for my brother's wedding. Maybe my son needs a green shirt instead of an orange shirt for family pictures. While we are out it maybe I need a new shirt. Oh and of course my husband would like some new lenses for his camera.
But I'm not buying any of it, which means at the grocery store I really really want to buy a piece of candy. I rarely buy candy.
Yet it sounds like a good idea, I always want to eat candy.
But I never buy it. Why would I buy it today?
Because my kids aren't with me, I wouldn't have to share.
But why would I buy it?
Because I can.
Yes, all that went through my head waiting in the check out line. Things I would never buy all of the sudden seem tempting because I'm telling myself no.
Now I find myself formulating what I should buy June 1st. Part of me says nothing, I don't need anything (other than white shoes for my daughter). Part of me say for reals?! Part of me says other than white shoes I should extend longer. I'm not buying my kids new vehicles, they can wait until Christmas. Yes I like to buy out door toys for my kids in the middle of the winter so they can't use them.
Other than I think I am going to buy a new lampshade, I've only wanted to for three years. I keep thinking maybe I should make one myself, but I don't have that talent when I can buy one for $10-20.
But back to the TV, I don't really know what to do. I don't need a TV, so sometimes I think get nothing. Other than I hate my monitor, I always have, my husband replaced the one I liked because he didn't like it and gave it to his dad. Not to mention in the past few months it started to turn off and refuses to turn back on for a good 20 minutes. Sometimes I think just a 32 inch tv. Then we think if we are going to get a tv we might as well go to 40+. Then we thinking we don't need a 42 inch tv. No one needs a 42 inch tv.
The real reason I agreed to the spending freeze, is I want to teach my son moderation. We don't need to buy everything we see. We don't need huge house to fill up with a ton of junk (whether it was cheap or expensive). How can I teach him, if I don't practice moderation myself. I don't want him obsessed with over consumerism. This is where the tv debate really gets me. Can I teach my son to not be obsessed with consumerism if I have a 42 inch tv?
Overall I think yes. There is a difference between over-consumption and saving up and buying something nice. But then I think I don't need a TV, but I do want one.
We will end up buying one, the question is in a month or in three years.

But here is a picture diversion.
My daughter on her hog, bought second hand for my son at her age. So pathetic, a few days ago she kept scooting too far up and walking instead of sitting, and the center of gravity is so far forward that she kept falling on her head. Literally her head multiple times (see chin in last picture). I totally thought I have to buy her a trike before christmas-- she won't survive, then I breathed and woah her pathetic bike is fine. She is teeny, and her daddy calls it her hog. Although that doesn't mean I won't buy something else second hand.
My son recently rode a razor scooter all afternoon, rocked on it. He wanted to take it home but it wasn't ours. He'll just have to deal with a three wheeled scooter until Christmas. He loves his scooter, and ride it almost every day. Rarely rides the bike that was twice as much money.
He sometimes goes dang fast which meant I couldn't get a decent picture. He is sometimes daring on his scooter going down bigger hills than his friends, faster than his friends, which is good I wouldn't classify him as daring. Independent, but not daring.
Come on doesn't she look great on a trike? Its a little big for her, but you know.. She does have purple crocies on!
Ahh Purple Crocies, I love 'em!
I absolutely love this picture, even if her face is out of focus. I love the keys in motion. I accidentally took it on night time shot. I think the purple crocs maybe in focus though.


  1. I like the spending freeze idea.
    We have a big TV, it drives me crazy. I feel like we don't need it. We like you said saved up and finally after 6 years of marriage bought one. I also was the one who encouraged us to go BIG, if we are buying we might as well buy BIG was my thought.

  2. The only time I buy candy is when I'm alone at the grocery story. It's so delicious.