Friday, May 21, 2010

So Excited

My little brother gets married in about 6 weeks I think. Its the last weeding of my parent's children, and its the first wedding in five years for my family. My sister in law Alisa and I got a little carried away in dressing all the groom's nieces. The bride doesn't have any nieces yet, just wait until the wedding day and then she will have six. The colors are black and white with an accent of lime green. We are adding a lime green fabric flower to all the dresses. Imagine green where you see blue and red. Here are the dresses for the three toddlers, surprisingly enough I really did spend a lot of time ironing this does it look ironed? I love these dresses.
What do you think flower at the waist? Or flower on the sweater?
Here is the dress for the baby niece. I adore this dress, I wish it was available in my daughter's size. It is so baby luxe!
Then here is the dress for the two tween nieces. I think they will look totally rad. If we really wanted them trendy we would get black lacy mid calf leggings. But we'll leave out that accessory. I actually found a polka dot skirt in the exact same material as these dresses. I am thinking about wearing it. Is that faux pas? For me their aunt to be slightly matching? With a 9 and 10 year old? I'd be wearing a black shirt.
What do you think are you as excited as I am?
Part of my excuse in getting so carried away (have I mentioned all these clothes were bought about two months ago?) is I dreamed of having my cute nieces (5 and 4 years old, now the tweens) in darling dresses at my wedding, and the cute pictures we would take together. Neither of them were able to come to my wedding, which is 100% ok, but I'm living my dreams through my brother's wedding. I can just imagine all the cute pictures of these girls in front of the temple, you know with one of the screaming, another refusing to sit, another two sucking their thumbs, it will be fantastic! I can also just imagine my daughter in her dress (up top) and my son in his little black and white pinstripe pants and vest with his lime green bow tie that will match my daughter's fabric flower. Yes, I might have something wrong with me.

Last time nieces made an appearance at a wedding.

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