Monday, May 10, 2010

Finally the Day After

I hope my previous post didn't sound bitter, it wasn't suppose to be. It was introspective for me, I just happened to push the orange button to share my brainwaves with the rest of the world. I needed to realize what mother's day looks like for my family.
Speaking of which one of my favorite parts of Mother's day was after church, we put the girl down for her nap, the boy was running around in circles outside, and my husband and I were on the couch talking. He even rubbed my feet. What more I could I ask for but quantity time with my husband (that is not a typo). My other favorite was when the little boys in my primary class showed me the cards they made for their mom's and grandma's. And lastly when in sharing time the kids made flower pots for their moms. It was quite humorous to watch my son work with another teacher, and keep saying, I don't have enough flowers, I need more. Then hand it to me, and here him say here mom I made it for you. And finally today I got my mother's day card for him. A white piece of paper with a cut in it from each different type of scrapbook scissors we have. (and grease spots from sitting on the table all day).
While she is not required to notice mother's day yet. Next year... next year...

(By the way do not be concerned with the bandaid. He barely scratched his cheek riding his scooter sideways. Hours later when he was whining, the salty tears hurt his scratch and he demanded a bandaid, under the condition he would stop crying.)

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