Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dirty Baby at Great Grandma's

...with only one pig tail.

She is a crazy little toddler. She is so picky! In the store, we already fight over what to buy. The other day she found this clearanced pink easter bunny. I put it back and switched it for purple, she refuses to play with the purple, throws it every time I hand it to her in the car. She was at the store getting a dress with grammy, shook her head no to every shirt grammy suggested until the pink shirt was found. Then we went to dresses, once again shook her head no to every cute dress I found, until grammy found a pink one. She has been putting her crocs on herself one foot at a time for days. The other day she figured out how to put both on. Instead of being glad, she started screaming and yelling, I thought what in the world. She took one off, and went away. She came back with them on the right feet, she had originally put them on the wrong feet. What 16 month old knows when her shoes are on the right feet?!

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