Monday, May 3, 2010

Tulips and Temples

With my parents in town, I took advantage. J loves to go to "my temple" (he only owns/"my" at least 3 temples, I guess all the ones in this valley). I want to see Tulips, he wanted temples. I didn't know, I instinctively did know that I couldn't handle two walking children by myself. N babe is normally in a stroller, but who wants to stay in a stroller when there are flowers to see, and your brother gets to run.

I love this picture. Its not a fantastic shot, but I like it, its almost posed, but not quite, its raw. My daughter is being 16 months old, my son is getting in her face, and she is being silly in response, there is pretty pictures in the background.
Of course they love a fountain.J taught N that you can throw money in the fountain. She loved that, her grandparents obliged her whims. She just kept throwing and throwing, she is just finishing a throw/drop, and telling gramps all about it, in this picture.

Do you love her tennis outfit? It makes her daddy laugh when ever she wears these skirts, she has two. I thought it would really please him if I paired it with a polo.


  1. I seem to have vague memories of your dad carrying me around like that...??