Wednesday, May 26, 2010


You know when you have those mornings that you look at the clock at 11:30 and wonder how it got so late and why everyone is still in the pajamas? Well I have those too, but today we had the opposite. We ate breakfast, I made my daughter a purse, and then at 10:00 am we went to the farm. We haven't been in so long, and I've been wanting to go. I think we missed the baby animals. School is about to get out so almost all the FFA animals are gone. Here are some highlights. Then I was done, and tired so I assumed the four year old was, I corralled him to the car, and was home by 11, to watch my neighbor's kids who is moving out. Yes, the girl next door, is moving, hopefully we survive. Then I spent four hours making green flowers!
My daughter has her daddy's heart, she LOVES chickens and roosters. She spotted a rooster that was on the other side of the cow pasture, and pointed it out to J and me. She also can bwak bwak like a chicken. Which is amazing to me, because she doesn't talk other than to whine ma ma. Yeah, that "buh buh" (baby) was an isolated incidence.
Poor J was banished to live with the geese and become one of the goslings. Just kidding, but that's what it looks like.
And the tree house that looks like a converted chicken coop.
Now making reservations, who wants to go to "The Farm" with us this summer?

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