Thursday, May 27, 2010

For your information

For your information, my husband and I are not saints, we are much closer to the opposite. During our three week spending freeze, we spent $140 on camping gear, bought a flat screen TV, and I went to JoAnns once. Yes, there was a reason we needed a spending freeze, we can't handle ourselves! But hey, JoAnns only once that's pretty good for me, I like to go about once a week.
Yeah, we're pretty sure it needs to be extended...

But am I the only who feels like we need a holiday? Back after Easter I was so glad the holidays were over until Fall (except Fourth of July when no presents or treats are given). But now I'm missing the fun. Can Juneteenth be turned in Christmas in July? One toy for everyone.
Ha Ha, I didn't even know what Juneteenth was, I was just thinking I want a holiday next month... june... JUNETEETH. Turns out its celebrating American's abolition of slavery. Is that a reason to give toys to my children? Celebrating the gift of freedom, by giving my kids toys? Is that sacrilegious?
I totally want to buy these toy ice creams, and toy cupcakes, and I would get my son a spider-man action figure, he is obsessed with spider-man these days, this is the first time he has been really into a superhero. He has never even see comic book cartoons, he just happened to get a spider-man on his scooter he bought 10 months ago.
Does anyone else remember those AWESOME Fisher Price Cupcakes, for the late 80s?! Those were totally like the best toy ever, and I have lots of awesome memories of those cupcakes.
Anyway, the point of this is, I'm might need to watch Confessions of Shopaholic again...

On a side note, I might not upload anymore pictures of our camping there are so many its hard to pick, and blogger makes uploading stupid!

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  1. Sometimes it's fun to buy a present just because.