Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Hike

Look I can hike with kids

Look my husband can hike with kids. My kids can HIKE! It was a 6 mile hike he did the whole thing, except for maybe the last half of mile.
I think my husband likes me
We absolutely love this picture!

The whole reason for the hike, the waterfall. This hike made me feel like I was in Never Never Land. We went from hot summer desert, to green meadows, we had some rain in the hike, by the waterfall was actually very chilly. The only think we didn't see what autumn leaves.My son wanted some sling action too. He barely fit, and there was absolutely no walking. He wanted me to walk, I said no.
We saw a wild turkey, then on accident my husband found her nest and babies. He saw 6-8 babies. Its hard to see, but click on the picture, and look to the top left of the turkey's head.

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  1. Yeah!!!! I am so glad you made it to the place I lived one summer. I sort of started my running career running that trail out to the waterfall and back in the early mornings 3 times a week...or running on the Hogsback (the road above with the cascading white rocks that looks so cool and weird when you drive through them).