Thursday, January 22, 2009

Values Meme

Shannon tagged me, which I find slightly ironic. Anyway, 6 things that are important to me, 6 things I do not support and 6 bloggers to share it with. First of all I'm not quite sure if its 6 things that are important to me, or 6 values I support. Some would say that is the same thing, but I have heard a girl when she was talking about things that are important to her, say "I like stars". Stars are not values. Normally I don't pass on tags but since someone like Shannon who shares a similar dislike for some of the same blogging trend tagged me, maybe I can share in the tagging. (Tagging people is not something I dislike. My disliked blog trends will stay a secret. In case I offend someone.) With those prefaces, lets start...

Six Important Values
  1. Liberty - Is that actually a value? I don't think I make that into a verb, it seems like a value should have some active actions.
  2. Love - I love to kiss my kids. At least for me life would be pointless without our loving relationships. Specifically a desire to take care of the people I love, helps me get out of bed in the morning.
  3. Respect - I was probably extremely disrespectful as a child, but my parents did try to instill this value, so incidentally I can not stand disrespectful children. Not to mention I have absolutely no problem with someone calling me Sister Huntz--- at church, yes my mother in law is also called that, but I could think of far worse things then sharing the same name as my mother in law, and sister in laws. Not to mention everyone I meet that goes to church with my mother in law tells me how fantastic she is and how lucky am to be her daughter in law, so why would it be a bad thing to share the same title. I like children to call me sister last name at church, its the way I was raised. Blame it on my dad, it was unacceptable not to, and he allowed it to happen if the adult complained about sounding old with such a title. I prefer to call most people I meet at church by Brother or Sister, unless we are friends beyond the three hours on sunday. Calling the former President, President Bush while he was in office was not about him doing a good job (which I don't think he did) but respect for an office and a title. I also dislike telemarketers or other people I don't know calling me by my first name, Mrs. sounds strange and old, much older than Sister, but still if I don't know you, use it.
  4. Self Reliance - is that a value? I could have put Independence maybe? I'm all about people learning how to take care of themselves, which includes the boy scout value of thrift. Hopefully it also includes protecting yourself and family.
  5. Giving - I am terrible at doing service, but I love to give presents and cards and stuff like that. Not to mention I love people giving me things too, it is one of my dominate love languages.
  6. Learning - Whether that means reading fun fiction or watching documentaries on cable channels, learning should never stop. Even if you are bad at something its never too late to learn how to better.
Six I don't support
  1. Offensive Wars
  2. Bad legislation - Specifically a federal legislation that undermines state rights. Legislation written by the courts. Legislation drafted by pharmaceutical companies and other interest groups, but I hate pharamaceutical companies power. Cuts to public schools. My state is one of the lowest spenders in public education, and I personally think it has some crappy schools, but yet the state is planning to cut more money from it. That is a bad idea in my opinion, sure throwing money at the system does not always solve problems but cutting money doesn't either.
  3. Ugly things, that is terrible I know, but I like things to look pretty.
  4. Potty trained boys, pooping in their underwear (I might not support the action, but I still love the boy.)
  5. People who don't plan on paying off their consumer debt. Its one thing to accidentally get in over your head, its another to plan on it.
  6. Boring books. I know a lot of learning can take place through boring books, but I can not bring myself to finish or even start some boring books. I read non fiction, I'm not targeting a genre, I'm not targeting a writing style. There is plenty of boring fiction.
Six Bloggers-- Feel free not to participate, its this is sort of a challenging tag
  1. Bug girl, since she often gets bloggers blocks and blogs about personality quiz results, this is almost like quizzes, without the mental void
  2. Ashley and Justin, since Justin is the only person I'm in contact with that would understand the I like star reference, other than my husband
  3. Lauren-- Politicians (or interns) should consider their values (he he he)
  4. Man its hard to come up with people to tag, I've never tagged anyone before...
  5. Carolyn Shillig blogs a lot I'll tag her
  6. Only one more... if I type enough words maybe you won't notice I didn't list someone, like in #4, anyone who wants to tag themselves, I'll add your name, so you won't feel silly. I'm too lazy to link the blogs, I tagged.


  1. I'll take me blogging a lot as a compliment haha

    I am never good at tags either... and I want to hear more (maybe when we get together again) about these blog trends you don't like (maybe we share some)

    and I love reading your blog b/c it always makes me smile!

  2. What a great list of values. I especially liked in the dislikes the one about potty trained boys pooping in their pants. That one made me chortle.

    I am assuming that the kim you were referring too is your girlfriend named kim.

  3. I cleared up to confusion. I was referring to you, as far as I know my friend rarely enters the internet community. We don't communicate on the internet, which is too bad since that is my primary source of communication.