Wednesday, January 14, 2009

so close but yet so far away

Life can sometimes be sad. I mention in passing going to the store. My son thought that meant today we were going to the store, he got on his jacket, and said lets go. He said you and dee go to store. I said we can't go to the store today, he said no today. I said we can't go, he said no today. I said we don't have money to go today (we spent it all on Monday), he said yes. I have money. I said you have money?! disbelieving him. He said yeah, and ran to his room, to get about 16 cents in change, and a cardboard tag from his new sweatshirt the size of a credit card. He gave me the change, and said he would use is credit card. He actually has probably a good $10 in his room, but he stores it in various places so its not all together. Needless to say I think he is very sweet.


  1. I think he is sweet too. To bad you can't get penny candy somewhere.

  2. I too was thinking the same thing about the penny candy.