Saturday, January 31, 2009


My daughter is long and lanky; I wonder where she got that from? She is already out growing clothes in length. Her long sleeve shirts don't reach her wrists. And all in one foot outfits are starting to get stretched in the neck, from her long legs. (This photo was taken weeks ago, before she was too long.) She has long feet too, so in the all in ones that are long enough for her, are too wide, which means she pulls her legs up than gets her long feet stuck in the knee area. So I mostly dress her in onesies, with long sleeve shirts and pants. I think her torso is normal, its just her legs are long. My son was in footed outfits forever, but they just don't work too well on my daughter. She gets angry when her toes get caught where her knee should be. I feel for her, I know how it is to have clothes too short and too wide.
By the way, yes, baby socks are stupid, but yet I love them, because they are so dang small!
By the way, yes, baby collars are stupid and are always in the poor kid's face.


  1. she will love having a tall skinny body like you :)

  2. My baby has the same outfit, size 3mo, and she is just barely growing out of it at 5 months, but we still love her. :)