Thursday, January 15, 2009

So Sad

I often feel bad for the wee little one. Like last night I put her in the swing while I was getting ready for bed. I heard a noise and wondered what it was so finished what I was doing to go check on her. When I saw her she had spit up all over her, coming her mouth and nose, all down the front of her and her swaddling. It was so sad looking, she looked shelled shocked. As I was cleaning her up she had this look on her face like mommy, what happened to me, save me, with a tear falling down her check. It was very very sad. Really no joke, she had a tear, it was terribly sad, and tragic looking. (She also cries with tears when I am playing with her brother and we can't hear that she woke up, I'm sure she never cries for 5 minutes, but she knows there is fun going out without her.)
I was talking one of her aunts about her spitting, and she use the term reflex. Yesterday I decided to look it up to see if my baby really had reflex problems. After a little bit of research a lot of the peculiar things she does now make sense. Like when she throws her head back and arches her back after feeding. And now I know why she has bad breath a lot of the time, really she can get some rank breath for being so little. It also now makes that she will start to scream during her naps. Luckily her aunt told me to elevate one side of her crib. We thought she had princess and the pea syndrome, something my husband kindly told me she inherited from me. She hated her crib, turns out she just had laying flat. With the crib elevated she is perfectly fine in her crib, other than her bouts of screams from her tummy aches. I find it so sad when I hear it's violent gurgles. At least she rarely projectiles it out, not to mention she is extremely pleasant baby for having reflex, she doesn't act colicky.
Which is why I don't get angry when she only lets me nap for twenty minutes, she can't help that she wakes up screaming from a tummy ache. She really never cries, she just screams out in pain.


  1. V. had the same problem for a while. I had to change my diet. She was allergic to dairy. After I stopped drinking milk and eating yogurt she did a lot better. I also propped her up on a pillow for feeding and sleeping.
    There is also a chiropractic adjustment you can do to her little tummy that my midwife showed me... it worked every time I remembered to use it. I can show you the next time I see you!
    Good luck and I 'm glad she doesn't cry like most "colicky" babies.

  2. Yeah I know dairy can be a culpit, it took us months to figure out why j was spitty, he wasn't uncomfortable spitty though like N. Last week I did not do dairy, and she actually did better this week when I was eating homemade mac and cheese. I doubt it was the dairy influence, I just don't think dairy is the problem.

  3. Both of my girls have had reflux but only my first was colicky. My youngest actually slept upright in her carseat for a month or so, which helped a lot. Hope you find something that makes her more comfortable!