Saturday, January 10, 2009

My buddy

Remember those my buddy and kid sister commercials from the late 80s? When ever I think the phrase my buddy, I always think of those lyrics my buddy my buddy, my buddy and me, which memory is also linked to my cousins' house in Nashua. Don't ask me. Anyway, that has nothing to do with this post. My little brother is my son's best bud.
He loves when his "Uncle Danel" comes to play with him for the weekend. My brother often goes back home on sundays while we are at church, my son won't notice until after nap time, usually during dinner, in which case we hear, "where Danel go"?
Without a doubt for whatever reason he will go potty, if his uncle asks him too. Not only that he often choses Danel to read him books before bed. One day I asked my son is this what daddy does? He said "no, Danel does".
They both share a fansination with science and antamony. For Christmas my son got an Antamony coloring book from my brother. They have read it together, so now my son opens it up and tells me about the parts of the body inside.
My son also likes my brother to point out all the random latin names of different muscles and such on him. J will stand or sit perfectly still as my brother points to them and lists them all off. Luckily J knows someone who likes science, but neither of his parents do. (Well actually he knows lots of people who like science, he just doesn't see them as often as my brother.)
YEA! for Uncle Danel weekends. They can prove to be very helpful for me.

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  1. I love my buddy and kid sister! In 5th grade me and my friends would sing this all the time b/c we all loved it so much! thanks for the flashback!

    and your brother and your son are the cutest combo ever!