Sunday, January 18, 2009


In my opinion the worst part of a December baby, is you miss all the weeks of singing Christmas hymns in church. Last week I wanted to go to church, but I did not want my first week with two kids to be an adventure in single parenting. As bizarre as this may sound I looked forward to Sunday all last week, I couldn't wait to go to church again, I missed 5 weeks. Last night the babe screamed for a really long time, and would not calm down to go to bed. I got annoyed at her, why she would make us overly tired our first week of church, the same thing happened two weeks which is why we didn't go then. This week I was not going to let her keep me away, I'm so sick of being stuck in my house during the cold winter. I would leave and do stuff with my son, but since she is so little I'm trying not to leave... too much.
In other church news, we decided to go for 4 hours. We are looking at buying a house by the far away mountains. We checked out the new ward if the house works out. My son was so excited to go to church there, he hasn't been excited for church since we moved here in August. Should I take this for a good sign... in reference to the house? (Good news it has a primary and a youth program.)
After church we drove by the house so our son could see it. After we started driving home my son started crying, "Ma ma..." "What" "I need house" My husband responded, "I know we all need the house" I explained that it takes a while to buy a house. Then my husband followed up with, Plus we need to move our stuff there before we move in.
So that's the phrase for the day, "I need house"


  1. I am the opposite because ALL I want to do is stay inside (I'm not a fan of snow and ice)

    We have missed church a ton in our own ward b/c of Jake having training, us being out of town, and sick babies... I started getting calls... my VT supervisor thought I moved...

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  3. Whoops I posted the name that should not be posted.

    I was just saying you could tell your son that I agree with him...