Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blogging Peer Pressure

I decided to follow the norm of blogging in January and put goals for the new year. Last year was exhausting, so I won't set my sights too high.
  1. Not yell at my family
  2. Follow Elder Bednar's advise for prayer, its the only way I can accomplish the previous one
  3. Get baby girl sleeping through the night, the second way I can accomplish the first
  4. Get the boy to be potty trained at church, ha ha, I could careless pull ups are our friends, although I would like him to wear underwear next year by the time he becomes a Sunbeam
  5. Keep my journal, and one for my son and my daughter (I failed miserably last year, thank goodness for the blog, its easier to type than write.)
  6. Read the Doctrine and Covenants (I struggle with this one, I'm wicked and find it boring)
  7. Buy a house
  8. Be social, my son's sake once I buy a house, so he has friends too
  9. Hold a current temple recommend, ha ha, that's a joke, we were a little busy with being nine months pregnant and didn't notice our recommends lapsed in November
  10. Set the table, and cook dinner a few nights a week
  11. Exercise, yoga or walks with my kids, eat more vegetables
  12. Start cleaning my floors regularly by the time my daughter starts scooting
  13. Don't get pregnant
  14. Go out with my husband without my children at least once a month (we ignored this since we started potty training, then we went out for anniversary, I forgot how nice it was to go out to dinner without worrying about my son licking the salt and pepper shakers at restaurants)
Yup, sometimes I write a lot more goals, but I'm too tired to improve every aspect of life. I've started to realize who cares, about the nitty gritty. As long as my family has quality time together, and quantity time when we can manage, it doesn't matter. If I'm praying the best I can, reading my scriptures, and trying not to yell as a mother that I feel success at the end of the day. I read as much as I can find the time, so why make a goal about that. Who cares if they aren't classics or textbooks, ever time.

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  1. I haven't seen anyone do this so this is really cool! I have never set a New Year's resolution in my life but maybe I will do something like yours this year... thanks for the inspiration :)