Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Three too much

My children and I have been in desperate need of daddy time. My husband getting MLK day off was a dream come true. We were busy busy all weekend long, in fact too busy for a 5 week old, and for a woman who just had a 5 week old.
Friday started with making cupcakes for activity days. Which no one showed up for, apparently that is normal since we only have 3 girls. Baking can be a little tricky with two kids. After a hour of talking with my partner and my kid setting up chairs, we parted ways. I then spent the next 15 minutes trying to get my son in the car while carrying an infant carseat. The boy loves to play in the church yard.
We then stopped by the library to get Yoga Mom Buddha Baby. I feel great and want to keep my energy level up after feeling sick for 9 months, but at the same time don't want to injure my traumatized body. I still have an abdominal gap, so I can't do too much, athletic wise. Its pretty gross feeling in my opinion, to feel an open cavity in my stomach. I often have to remind myself take it easy, I just had a baby. This baby is the exact opposite as last time, last time I thought I would never recover. I had been very nervous about taking two kids to the library but it went great! So that fear/hurdle is over.
After so much action, I was exhausted, so luckily my husband made dinner, and puts the boy to sleep. Then we watched the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight. I thought all that talk about Heath Ledger doing such a great job in the movie was just because he killed himself afterward. But I have to say, I was very impressed with how well he acted, apparently it wasn't just hoopla. My husband and I very much enjoyed it because it wasn't predictable, although some of the batman fight scenes were a little much, his reflexes were a little too good for a normal millionaire. It was probably the best comic book movie we have seen, my husband is a tough critic that genre. I never realized how many Batman cartoons I had watched as I child, until I watched this movie. I knew all types of weird personality quirks from the cartoons, that my husband had never heard of, I kept saying oh yeah blah blah.
Saturday morning, once we were all up and ready to go, at 11, we went to the big library on 4th. (By the way we were up by 8:30, but it takes a long time to get 4 people ready and fed, when only 2 are capable of taking care of themselves.) Which of course is always fun but always an adventure. My child is scared to death of the glass elevator but the building is 6 stories, so I face him toward the floors instead of facing the open space, and hold his hand while tell him everything is ok. We picked up books for our brother in law, then I picked out some books for me, and for my son. Although I'm totally incapable of taking my children to that library by myself, not to mention since its cold outside, and we live in a big city there were a lot of homeless people enjoying central heat, its a little nerve wracking with kid that likes to run away.
After we got home we took naps, we needed them, it was only Saturday afternoon and we were exhausted. We had a late dinner, than I had to get two kids ready for sunday, (click on that link, you know you want to, it will be a great surprise) while my husband prepared his priesthood lesson, since we forgot to have him do it sooner. It was my first time trying to get two ready for sunday, it was a lot of work! and I did it all by myself. The baby is obviously too small to bathe with her brother so it involved two baths.
As already mentioned, we did the three hour church. Then we checking out another hour plus. That was embarrassing. We tried to get there as quick as possible, but we had to get home and eat lunch, before we got out there. So we were a little late, and the whole room was FULL, so we had to walk over people to get to a tight corner. Then after the sacrament I had to leave to feed the baby. I didn't know any better so I let the big kid come with, and that was a nightmare. He kept running in and out of the nursing lounge, then once we were done he wanted to run around in the hallway instead of going in, I finally forced him back into the chapel. Only to have him have a melt down in the aisle, because he wanted to lay down in the aisle instead of sitting on the bench. There were people we didn't know in the aisle seat, so staying in the aisle wasn't really an option. I was holding an infant, squatting on the ground, trying to convince a crying three year old to stand up, in a ward where we were guests. I thought I would die of humiliation. Finally Brent asked the girl on the aisle to grab J for us and pull him in the row until Brent could grab him. Did I mention the couple on the aisle never seem too fond of the idea of us sharing a row with them? Luckily everyone we met afterward really like the idea of us moving into the ward and house we are hoping to get. Everyone said, "oh that's a good house". Every single person said that exact phrase, we don't quite know what that means, but we figure its a good sign.
Monday we woke up ran to a furniture store to get a personal DVD player on sale for $20. Then went to Sams, so we actually had food in the house. After that we met one of my husband's mission companions and family for a day of fun. First they took us out to lunch so that was super nice. Our kid eat a ton of food for him, so that was fantastic, plus the food was really good anyway. I kept getting the turkey bacon wrapped things. I love any meat wrapped in bacon. Then we went to a kids museum, so J had a blast as did their two daughters. The best part was when I forgot to pull down my second shirt after feeding my child. I was covered up, but I looked like a moron. It was hysterical, I was laughing at myself for being a idiot. Plus they got us ice cream afterward. It was much more than we expect, hopefully we showed our gratitude. It was a super fun day, boy we were tired afterward. The baby has shown her dislike for leaving the house, she has been spitting none stop since monday night. Luckily she has started to take a pacifier so we have had some relief. Whoa, I'm just tired thinking about it.
Why is boredom so slow, and fun is so exhausting?


  1. $20 dvd player! that is awesome! my mom got the girls one for Christmas... I am excited for them to actually like tv.

    oh and thanks for the fun fun day!!!

    my three day weekend was exhausting as well... and I don't even have a 5 week old!!!