Monday, January 26, 2009

Fire on Friday

On Friday afternoon (four days ago) I sat on the couch lamenting about how my daughter would not take a nap for longer than 20 minutes. Dang spit up. There was a lot of racket outside and it keep sounding like my cell phone was going off faintly in the distance. I ignored the noise because there is always a lot of noise outside, and the cell noise, because it was way too quiet to be real. Once I got my uncomfortable baby alseep for the umpteenth time on Friday, I got up and peeked out the windows on my front door. I saw this:
Yes a fire!
A fire in the street and large trucks, what they were doing I don't know.
That would be my neighbor with them. Whoever them maybe. He often makes me nervous, he is always wearing athletic clothes, and is a name-sayer. Everytime he see us, he makes sure he says our names. Plus I surely hope he does not work out as often as his outfits suggest, because that is too much. (Actually he is very nice, and friendly, but I never quite know how to act around very friendly outgoing people.)
Since I was up, I went to check to make sure my phone really had not rung. Yup I was right, no one had call. But the question came to mind, why did my mind keep playing my ringtones in my head?
Was I subcounciously wishing someone would call me at 2:30 on a Friday afternoon?
  • Would tell me they are coming over to watch the kids while I go shopping, we need food. And you know Kid 2 Kid is so close, I wish I went more often, but I hate taking my boy in there, its too hard to get him out.
  • Would they tell me they want to give me $300 for new carseats for my children? I dream about new carseats. My poor first borns won't be as safe as my later children. I won't find the money in the budgets until my carseats expire. My poor son in his cheap brand carseat.
  • Would they tell me they want to take me to Old Navy for some new clothes their treat? Since they knew how much I would like some new tees, especially a purple one, since purple is not aways in style but it is now. (Apparently the color to be people deciders usually make purple fashionable during economic downturns. It sells better and makes us feel better since its the color of royality, when we aren't feeling so rich. Boosts our mood.)
  • Or would it just be an old friend I haven't seen in ages, calling to tell me they were in the area, and would love to stop by for the afternoon? Hmm, who could it be, I have so many I've told to stop by if they are ever in the area.
Oh, but sadly it was none of the above, my baby did not stay asleep for more than 20 minutes, and my son woke up early from his nap. Sad times! No one called my phone.
Since the boy got up early, I decided to go to Kid to Kid anyway. I definitely needed out of the house, as my imaginary conversations would suggest. We shouldn't have bought anything. But we did, we had fun, and spent over an hour there.. way too long, my son didn't want to leave. After months of searching we finally found my son a plastic piggy bank. He LOVES it, carries it with him where ever he goes. Also an infant bouncer/toddler rocker, both can use it, it takes about 5 seconds to change it. I decided I need somewhere for my daughter to sit downstairs so I can sew without fear of her being jumped on by her brother. And lots of ideas for headbands for the girl. Life was much better upon return.
But it begs the question, why was there a fire in the street?


  1. Finally I got to see your neighbor. You weren't kidding about his athletic clothes...yet, I would still like to go out with him. Sorry that I didn't call you today. I feel so guilty.

  2. man I love your posts! I love how your mind works. I feel like I am right there with you :)

  3. Sorry I didn't call either...but we made Valentine's cards all afternoon so you can be happy when you check the mail soon...well we will see how long it takes to get them actually in the mail...

    So just wanted you to know we were thinking of you and trying to remember how to spell your daughters name.