Saturday, January 24, 2009

So Glad

I am so glad my daughter does not have colic. She cries way more than her brother ever did, and she hardly makes it to more than two hours a day. But nonetheless it drives me crazy! There is no way I could handle 5 hours or more, or whatever the classification for colic is. She cries when her tummy hurts, which can sometimes be a lengthy process. And she cries when she is overly tired, until we can convince her to sleep. I mean it, we wrap her up tightly, shhh in her ear, and rocker her, until she finally falls a sleep. But woah! Is it a lot of crying for my husband and I. I really don't think we could handle a colic child.


  1. I have always said the same thing about myself but w/each baby I tell myself they will be a crier so I'm prepared in case they end up being one.

  2. Trust me you don't want a colic baby! I still have nightmares about my first child when she was colicky for 4 months straight. Talk about bad times. But still, any crying for an extended period of time is miserable. I hope she starts adjusting to life outside of you soon.