Friday, January 23, 2009

Girl in Pants

This blog is in some dire need of some pictures.
I love babies in little shirts and pants, forget the rompers and sleepers. How adorable is this?!
I call these her skinny baby clothes, because they are the only things not too wide for her.
She is long and skinny I can't figure out where she got that from.
These clothes are too wide, but still so cute. And so girly!
You might not be able to tell, but her sleeves are puffy, her collar is ruffled, as is the cuff of the pants.
I love it! I love the frills of little girl casual.

I completely suggest clicking on the picture for a full size one so you can see the girly embelleshings.


  1. ah pink...I was buying little blue things and it was so hard not to buy cute pink things because they were just so cute for little girls...but I had to remind myself...Blue, Green!!! Have fun with your girl, you might have 5 boys after her!

  2. I like the pants and shirt getups too, but I absolutely hate socks. So my little girl is stuck in full fledged toe to neck pajamas. I have even given up on dresses at church because none of them are warm enough for my liking. I can't wait till it warms up, so I can dress my little girl a little cuter. I also hate collars because in real life they don't stay down. I think I'm sounding a little negative, sorry I don't mean to really I don't, It's just the only thing I do well.

    Your baby by the way is extremely cute, I like the way she still has her perfect little hands in little fists.

  3. Little Nan is darling! I am coveting sweet baby girl clothes right now.