Thursday, January 22, 2009


You may remember my deal with my husband with the blog is to keep our anonymity. Which is actually rather ironic since he now is apart of the facebook community, which would also be the reason my little brother did not believe it when he got the invite to be my husband's friend on facebook. He figured it must be another one, which is unlikely, since our last name is not that common. But we have found through a google search that my husband shares a name with a 2nd grader. Who apparently has a very similar personality, feel free to google my husband's name in quotation markers to find the second grader.
Anyway, enough digression, back to the deal, our anonymity. I do put my husband's first name because he puts it out there. But I don't put our children's partly because shouldn't it be their decision if they want their name out there on the internet? Who knows I hate for a future job employer to read about my son's potty training adventures (no doubt this blog will be out there this long.)
So my children's names are not here, I often wonder what to call them. For awhile my son was exclusively Jobo, but he seems to have out grown that, maybe its as his cheeks and belly get skinner, Jobo is too fat of a name for him. So he is now either, the boy, my son, or J. I don't really like just the first initials it gets confusing I think. Maybe not. And my daughter, is the girl, or the baby. But you know that leaves something to be desired.
In a recent post I put N-babe. I kind of like that for now, although my husband said N-girl is probably not a very good choice, but see I'm a naive white mormon girl, so I just don't think that way. And the longer its been since I've been in high school, the more naive I get.
For my daughter I could just shorten her first and middle names together, and have Nan, but I still feel like I'm missing something for my son. Jo is his first and middle initial together, Le is for me. But Jo like that reminds me of Little women, so that is bad. Jol is like Nan but Jol also kind of looks girly. So for the purpose of having cute little graphics to tell me exactly how long it has been, I picked Joh, his initals. Will I ever call them Joh, and Nan for posts? Who knows. So far I seem to be sticking with the boy, my son, and the baby.
Some might be wondering why I don't go with a private blog. Because I'm conceited and think someone might google a craft and find my blog. Hey its happened before.
I apparently have been in the mood for long nothingness posts!
By the way, I don't care when people but my first name out there, even though I don't do it myself.

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  1. I love your long posts :) They are always a good read. My one friend has "the princess" for her daughter and "angel boy" for her son.