Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mean nights

Yesterday while my sister was visiting...

...she mention a friend of hers who said my babies sleep through the night from six months on because they know I'm not a nice mom in the middle of the night. I've been thinking about that since then. I think that girl has a point, I think my children realize that too. My son started sleeping through the night at about 3 or 4 months, sort of. He would go to bed at 7 pm, wake up around 2ish, absolutely ravenous, eat and then sleep until 7 or 8 am. Not to mention I'm rather sterile to my children for night feeds, I pick them up, sit up, and only feed them. If they slow down they get their cheek rubbed, the bum patted to wake them up to feed. If they don't start feeding they get set back down in her crib, whether they are a sleep or awake. Unfortunately these lessons have just started with my daughter, we were smiling at her, talking and kissing her, during night time wakings for diaper changes and things. My son never got that luxury, I was always too tired, from the get go of his life. My daughter's lessons is starting. My husband and I have gotten too tired to change her unless she stinks, we are too tired to smile, and are starting to be too tired to care if she is crying. Last night she ate from about 8-10:30ish. At that point my arms got to tired to hold her, so I put her in her crib. She started to cry, even though her crib is less than an inch from my bed, I didn't care. She cried for probably a half an hour or so before she fell asleep. Part of the reason she got to cry in her crib is she wasn't tired and didn't want to go to bed, she wanted to play. I don't play at 11 pm, I want to go to bed. She finally went to sleep, then woke up a half an hour later to eat, I fed her quickly, and my husband laid her next to him, she started to fuss. He said if you cry you are going in your bed, I don't know how a 3 week old understood english, but she stopped, and went to sleep immediately. She only woke up once more for the rest of the night. Hooray for sterile parenting at night. Today she woke up, ate, played, fussed for 5 minutes and fell asleep on her own, for a nap.
One word... SUCCESS!
I fully expect my daughter to be sleeping as well as my son at the same age.
Although it might take longer, she hates her porta crib, and a full size crib doesn't fit in our room. (My son went into his own room at 3 months.) So many nights she is in our bed, I hate babies in my bed, but at least I get sleep. Plus we don't cuddle her, so hopefully it won't have too many negitive effects on her sleeping through the night. I'm a big believer on crying it out, I need sleep, and sleep does not come if I'm holding a baby. Thank you authors of Babywise.
My husband and my son seem to think I'm a push over, I fold easily, but only in the day. It is all about displine at night. I get to tired to not have displine at night, ironically enough, because that is why I'm a push over during the day, I'm too tired to fight.

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